Marketing & Distribution

Datthong is an importer and marketer of health-care, personal care and beauty products. With established distribution channels throughout Vietnam, we work closely with both wholesalers and retailers, we also provide marketing and distribution services to our principles. Here, we leverage on our considerable investments in warehousing, logistics and IT systems to give our partners a competitive advantage.

World Map

Our retail outlet mix includes:

  • Chain drugstores
  • Individual pharmacies
  • Retail kiosks
  • Spa & beauty stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Mass merchandisers

To supplement this network, we maintain our own growing list of direct retail clients through direct mail campaigns. Finally, we cooperate with wholesale distribution partners throughout Vietnam to ensure a nationwide geographic coverage.

Our Services

  • Market entry strategy, planning and execution
  • Product registration and regulatory approval assistance
  • Product and sales training
  • Product launching, advertising, promotional activities, roadshows, workshops and seminars
  • Our tailor-made information management and inventory control systems offer customers transparency and customized reporting.

Sales Force

Datthong engages 3 types of sales teams.

First, we have sales promotion staff that are assigned to retail outlets. These sales promotion staff supports the retail business of these outlets and plays a key role in the introduction of new products that require education and awareness.

Second, we engage in telemarketing staff that support inbound calls that result from our direct marketing campaigns.

Finally, we have account managers that work closely to support the sales efforts of our wholesale distribution partners.


  1. Operating for more than 20 years
  2. Pioneer in introducing nutraceutical and functional supplements in South East Asia
  3. Award winning products in all categories
  4. Products comply with USA Food & Drug Administration GMP
  5. Distribution reach to over 15,000 retail points, including chain stores, pharmacies, independent medical centers, clinics, mass merchandisers and department stores
  6. 100+ in-house sales representatives and product promoters
  7. Dedicated creative and branding team
  8. Active “above-the-line” programs, including TV commercials, print advertisements and sponsorship of radio talk shows
  9. Participate in 150+ promotional road-shows each year
  10. Dedicated CRM team with customer service hotlines
  11. Strong IT, warehousing and logistics support from our regional distribution center in Singapore
  12. Leading eCommerce portal